ECS Web Mail Services

Attention! EMail services for the CECS system is being decommisioned. If you are still using this service to read email please contact ITS ( to arrange for email migration

Squirrel Mail
  Round Cube
SquirrelMail is a light-weight, proven, and reliable web mail client. It provides you with personal address books, LDAP address look-ups, plenty of customizable options, themes, and more. SquirrelMail should provide you with a fast interface, especially if you have a lot of e-mail. No frills, just proven reliability for almost a decade. You may want to use this client if you have a slower computer, slower internet connection, or need to load a larger e-mail box.   RoundCube is a newer web mail client that utilizes many new types of technology. It hasn't been proven as reliable as SquirrelMail, but offers a much nicer interface with more features like drag-and-drop interfacing, as well as hot-keys to interface with your e-mail easier. This client feels more like a desktop e-mail client and less like a traditional web mail client. It also supports personal address books, customizable options, LDAP address look-ups and spell-checking.
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